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   Care, Compassion & Commitment  At the Animal Clinic of East Avenue,...

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 Care, Compassion & Commitment

 At the Animal Clinic of East Avenue, these are more than just words. This is our sincere pledge to provide you and your pet with the highest level of advanced veterinary care available.

We truly appreciate what a beloved role your pet holds in your family. As such, we care deeply enough to take additional time to fully discuss their health issues with you, provide careful analysis and advise you the best possible options for their continued good health and happiness.

Our staff are keenly tuned in to our patients’ comfort and emotional well being. Every interaction with them and every aspect of our state-of-the-art facility is carefully planned and implemented with genuine compassion for their feelings and quality of life.

We are committed to operating a full service veterinary hospital with a professionally trained staff who are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest standard of veterinary care through preventative care, client education, and continual team development.

Call us today to engage the finest in veterinary care for your pet.


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Pet Health Tips

APRIL 2014 – Monthly Pet Tip

Fleas, Fleas and more Fleas


Under the right conditions, a single adult flea can produce 100 eggs, which can hatch and mature to breeding status in 48 hours. With infestation potential like this, your pets should be on a flea prevention system monthly to protect them and your home.


For optimal flea prevention in western New York, you can begin treatments for your pet in the Spring and continue monthly. A good indicator to trigger the beginning of your pet’s flea control program is to begin treatments as soon as we’ve enjoyed five consecutive spring days over 50°F and continue with the program until the first good frost.


If Fleas do get a foot-hold in your house, treat everyone (ALL cats and dogs) for at least 2-3 months, even if you do not see them. They may be hiding and in wait for when the conditions to hatch are right.


Oral Monthly flea control :

(Available by Prescription only. Should not be purchased on-line)


Options include Comfortis, Trifexis or Sentinel Spectrum. There are some medical reasons NOT to use these products and you should consult your veterinarian for advise with this product is Prescription Only.


Comfortis: Pill administered monthly. Works for almost 40 days and does not wear off in baths or swimming. [ Available for cats or dogs older 10 weeks]


Trifexis: (Comfortis + heartworm/GI worm prevention) Pill administered monthly. Works for almost 40 days and does not wear off in baths or swimming. Helps to prevent Fleas, Heartworm, Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms monthly. [ Available for dogs older 10 weeks]


Sentienel Spectrum: Monthly pill that prevents flea by sterilization of the flea eggs. Must be used as continuous monthly preventative. Does not kill adult fleas but very effective if used year round. Also prevents heartworm, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.


Topical flea control

ADVANTAGE Products ( made by Bayer) : Topical application monthly : Only Flea Control: Any flea that jumps on pet will die: Effective for 26-28 days ( 1 month). Safe for dogs and cats over 8 weeks of age. Generally, your pet should not bathe or swim until 24 hours after the initial application. After than, these can remain effective throughout the month, despite bathing and swimming routines. These products will still kill fleas but the duration and effectiveness may be reduced closer to the end of the month time.


Available Over the counter. Many combination products are available both over the counter and by prescription. ADVANTAGE ( only effective against fleas), ADVANTAGE II ( Fleas and insect growth regulator), ADVANTIX (Treats fleas and ticks). CAUTION: Read the label of all over-the-counter products. Application of the wrong medication to the wrong species can be harmful or lethal.


Frontline Products: (made by Merial) : Topical Application monthly: Fleas and Ticks . Safe to use on dogs and cats 8 weeks old or older. Effective againgst fleas but may only last 21-30 days. This product went generic 2 years ago and many products are flooding the market that are combination of Fipronil ( the active ingredient of Frontline) with addiotnal tick control. Be precautious …some of these enhanced products can be toxic especially to the young, debilitated or cats and other small exotics. Available over-the-counter.


Seresto Collar : Specialized manufactured Flea and Tick collar: Does not smell, no powders and residues, 8 month effectiveness against fleas with the product ADVANTAGE. Very ecomonical product for application without repeating monthly. Additional tick component as well. Available Over-the-counter.


Prescription Topical Flea Medications:


ADVANTAGE MULTI ( Fleas, Heartworm, Intestinal worms, and many mites like ear mites and Sarcoptic mange.) Monthly applicaiotn of ADVANTAGE that additionally has a product that prevents other parasites. Because there are some medical conditions that would make this product in-effective or toxic it is prescription only. Same effectiveness as ADVANTAGE againgst fleas. Effective for cats and doogs > 10 weeks old.


Revolution: Topical monthly: Flea Control as well as heartworm and some mites. Additional prevention of many intestinal worms in cats but not dogs. Does have absorption into blood system and effective for 28 days. Safe for cats and dogs > 9 weeks. There are some medical reasons NOT to use the product and you should consult your veterinarian for advise with this product is Prescription Only.