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Advanced Medicine

C4a-Advanced Medicine P1000764Your pets are subject to many of the same unanticipated and unavoidable diseases and syndromes as humans are. Although preventative care is always our first priority in your pet’s health, medically, we are fully prepared to diagnose and treat the most complex and advanced conditions.

For that reason, we pride ourselves in offering your pet state-of-the-art veterinary medical treatments and leading edge techniques to ensure the best possible prospect for recovery and quality-of-life through their ordeal.

Major health issues can range from the following, and may combine parallel conditions:

Pancreatitis / triaditis

Liver disease / Leptospieosis

Leukemia / FELV

Digestive / gastrointestinal disorders

Allergies & Skin Conditions

Parvo / IBD / lymphangectasia


Blood disorders / IMHA

Bone Disease

Parasites / heartworm infestation


Heart disease & congenital defects

Hip Dysplasia

Cushings / Addisons disease


Renal failure

Reproductive and whelping complications

Respitory Ailments / Asthma / Chronic Coughing

Immuno deficiencies / FIV

Dental / Periodontal / Gum disease

Toxin and poison treatment

Thyroid / endocrine deficiencies

Our staff have enjoyed tremendous success in administering advanced medical treatments including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, advanced steroidal treatment, blood and plasma transfusion therapy, specialized nutritional support, advanced surgical procedures, chronic pain management, physical therapy, and immune-therapy

Pet Health Tips

Fleas and Ticks:

We are seeing more and more ticks on our pets in our area.  Particularly if you travel east or south of Rochester.  Although we do not want these insects that carry diseases on our precious companions, we also do not want them in our environment to bite us as well.  There are many topical and oral flea and tick preventions available to help protect our pets and environment.  Some incorperate heartworm and intestinal prevention and some do not.

Check out information about Ticks in your environment @ http://www.dogsandticks.com/diseases_in_your_area.php or you can look up the area you and your pet will be traveling to in order to protect yourself and your pet. 

As always, talk to us about preventives when you come in.