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Animal Clinic of East Ave.
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We appreciate that surgery can be an anxious and worrisome experience for you and for your pet. We strive to ensure your pet’s interaction with us is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

To that end, we provide our clients with a clear understanding of the options to surgery, why a procedure may be necessary, what the procedure entails, and most importantly, what the proper post-operative care will be for the swiftest possible recovery.

Our highly trained veterinarians and certified technicians deliver the highest quality of surgical care for your pet. When surgery is required, we offer you convenient access to routine procedures, such as spay/neuter, tumor removal, laceration and wound repair, to more complex procedures such as splenectomies and orthopedic repairs.

C5b-anesthesia monitoringBeyond routine procedures, we offer in-house access to board-certified surgeries through our close association with Dr. Kathy Collins for you convenience and peace of mind. Amongst many other skills, Dr. Collins is an expert in TPLOs for knee repairs in large-breed dogs

We also offer hospitalization for surgical as well as medical patients, which includes the following:

  • Daily physical examination with a doctor
  • Daily treatments as needed
  • Daily walks outside with a veterinary technician or kennel attendant
  • Daily feedings appropriate for the post-surgical care of your pet
  • Daily cage cleaning and disinfecting
  • And of course, LOTS of TLC throughout the day.

Pain Management

The Animal Clinic of East Avenue also believes that identifying and relieving pain is essential to a swift recovery. Therefore, pain management is an important aspect of our intra- and post-surgical protocols. At discharge, we may also send additional pain management medication home with you after providing a thorough explanation of its proper use and dosage.

Anesthesia & Monitoring

Anesthesia and cardiovascular monitoring are integral aspects of every surgery we perform. For this reason, we provide your pet with the best and most

Pet Health Tips

Fleas and Ticks:

We are seeing more and more ticks on our pets in our area.  Particularly if you travel east or south of Rochester.  Although we do not want these insects that carry diseases on our precious companions, we also do not want them in our environment to bite us as well.  There are many topical and oral flea and tick preventions available to help protect our pets and environment.  Some incorperate heartworm and intestinal prevention and some do not.

Check out information about Ticks in your environment @ http://www.dogsandticks.com/diseases_in_your_area.php or you can look up the area you and your pet will be traveling to in order to protect yourself and your pet. 

As always, talk to us about preventives when you come in.