Many problems and diseases are not detectable through blood work. These might range from simple bladder stones, to a cat toy accidently swallowed in boredom, to a minutely fractured bone resulting from non-traumatic occurrence, to the subtle complexities of cancer.

We maintain several advanced imaging technolgies to help detect such issues early to ensure the proper course of treatment. Our state-of-the-art digital radiography system allows for high-resolution radiographic results in the blink of an eye. These can be easily sent home or to a referral veterinarian online, via CD or even thumb drive.

Some medical conditions may present so minutely, that they can only be revealed in the finest detail. For this, Dr. Carolyn Orr can perform on site ultrasounds for abdominal or cardiac evalution and can be interpreted in house or or shared with referral specialists via Telemedicine. Ultrasounds are performed for our patients, as well as at the request of outside veterinarians.

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