Four private exam rooms are designed to keep your pets calm and comfortable during their time with our doctors. Exam rooms are designated as “cat” and “dog” rooms to minimize unfamiliar odors which might put your pet ill at ease.

Cat Rooms

The Animal Clinic of East Avenue is a proudly “Cat friendly” hospital as certified by the American Association of Feline Practioners. Our cat exam rooms feature window seats and cat trees to make your cat feel at home and allow them to perch in a safe observational position before the doctor enters. Spacious ergonomic counters provide ample space for your cat to move around. They are the right height to maintain your cat’s sense of security, while affording our doctors with the best possible perspective to perform a thorough exam.

Dog Rooms

Our small-breed dog exam room features extended bench seating for you and your family to comfortably accompany your small to medium sized dog into the exam room. A shallow set of stairs lead from the bench seat to the exam counter to allow your dog to make their own way to the examination counter and alleviate the angst of being picked up. The ergonomic height counters permit comfortable room for your pet to move about, but also contains them sufficiently to expedite their exam time.

The large-breed dog examination suite offers more open floor space to keep larger breeds from feeling defensive or closed in. A wider and extended staircase leads from the floor to the elevated exam surface to eliminate invasive lifting and keep your dog at ease and feeling in control. This design ensures quality “face time” with the doctor and reduces chiropractic requirements for our staff.