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Health Services

C-a-adoptionsAs pet owners ourselves, we truly understand that sharing your home with your pet is an immensely rewarding and satisfying experience. We apreciate that the relationship you share with your pet is unique and important to you.

With this knowledge in mind, we have embraced our mission to help nurture and support a healthy and happy bond between you and your pet.

We offer a full range of medical services and preventive care to ensure your pet of a healthy and happy life style.


Advanced Medicine

C4a-Advanced Medicine P1000764Your pets are subject to many of the same unanticipated and unavoidable diseases and syndromes as humans are. Although preventative care is always our first priority in your pet’s health, medically, we are fully prepared to diagnose and treat the most complex and advanced conditions.

For that reason, we pride ourselves in offering your pet state-of-the-art veterinary medical treatments and leading edge techniques to ensure the best possible prospect for recovery and quality-of-life through their ordeal.

Major health issues can range from the following, and may combine parallel conditions:

We’d like to introduce you to our team of Veterinary Technicians. We believe strongly that we’ve assembled one of the finest teams of animal professionals to treat and assist your pet. Our technicians are the right-hand of our Doctors, gathering case information, preparing your pet for their visit, and assisting with surgeries, anesthesia and hospitalization.

Pancreatitis / triaditis

Liver disease / Leptospieosis

Leukemia / FELV

Digestive / gastrointestinal disorders

Allergies & Skin Conditions

Parvo / IBD / lymphangectasia


Blood disorders / IMHA

Bone Disease

Parasites / heartworm infestation


Heart disease & congenital defects

Hip Dysplasia

Cushings / Addisons disease


Renal failure

Reproductive and whelping complications

Respitory Ailments / Asthma / Chronic Coughing

Immuno deficiencies / FIV

Dental / Periodontal / Gum disease

Toxin and poison treatment

Thyroid / endocrine deficiencies

Our staff have enjoyed tremendous success in administering advanced medical treatments including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, advanced steroidal treatment, blood and plasma transfusion therapy, specialized nutritional support, advanced surgical procedures, chronic pain management, physical therapy, and immune-therapy


C3a-dental careIf left untreated, dental problems can lead to larger systemic issues in your pet due to oral bacteria entering the blood stream and damaging the kidneys, heart and liver. In fact, it is estimated that more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop tooth and gum disease by the age of three years.

It can be helpful for you to recognize the signs of dental problems in your pet. These might include:

  • Bad breath (an earlier indicator of dental disease)
  • A yellowish-brown crust of plaque near the gum line
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Pain or bleeding when eating or touched
  • Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
  • Loose or missing teeth


C3b-dental beforeafterOur doctors perform a thorough dental exam as part of your pet’s annual wellness evaluation. Should we find a problem, we will discuss your options for the care of your pet's teeth and gums.

We can recommend periodic dental cleanings dependent upon your dog’s and cat’s individual oral health. We can also perform extractions to address dental abnormalities or dental trauma in younger pets, and to treat periodontal disease in more advanced ages.


Emergency Services

The Animal Clinic of East Avenue is fully prepared to handle any veterinary emergencies during our regular business hours.

For emergencies outside of office hours, we offer 24-hour on-call access to our veterinarians, seven days a week. Off-hour calls are handled swiftly by our answering service.

If critical or urgent care is required, we will often refer you to the Emergency Hospital below to ensure that your pet has sufficient intensive care necessary

Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service
(585) 424-1277
825 White Spruce Blvd
Rochester, NY 14624

Exotics Care

C6b-ExoticsExotic animals and “pocket pets” require health care that is as unique and specialized as they are. Whether your pet has scales, fur or feathers, our staff is carefully trained and experienced in delivering exactly that specialized care and handling.


C6a-bearded dragon2From selecting the right living environment, to advising you on the proper nutrition, to performing advanced procedures on the most delicate of creatures, The Animal Clinic of East Avenue stands ready to ensure a happy and healthy life for your exotic pet.








Rats & Mice



Guinea pigs

Bearded Dragons

Quaker Parrots

Hamsters & Gerbils

Love Birds




Micro Chipping

C9a-microchippingDoes your pet have a microchip? Each year, millions of pets go missing and many never to return. Micro-chipping your pet is a safe, simple and effective way to prevent this tragedy.

The Animal Clinic of East Avenue offers the HomeAgain microchip system. HomeAgain provides a number of very useful services to pet owners such as their National Pet Recovery Database, Lost Pet Specialists, Rapid Lost Pet Alerts, Lost Pet Medical Insurance, Travel Assistance for Found Pets, and more.

Approximately, the size of a grain of rice, identification micro-chips are encoded with your pet's vital information and implanted, non-invasively, just beneath the skin, usually between the shoulder blades. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country and around the world are equipped with scanners capable of reading these microchips.


C10a-IMG 3030-prescription-dietsMany pets require special diets to cope with food allergies, remedy underlying medical conditions, provide life-stage appropriate nutrition, and reduce obesity which may agitate a parallel condition and adversely affect quality of life.

Our staff is well-versed in identifying diet-related issues and developing nutritional programs to treat your animal effectively. For your convenience, The Animal Clinic of East Avenue maintains a broad range of prescription foods for both cats and dogs, young and old.


C8a referralsThe extensive training and experience of our doctors means that we are able to manage a wide range of complex cases and provide care through a number of veterinary treatments.

However, some complex cases may require expertise, testing and/or equipment which is beyond our in-house capabilities. In these cases, we gladly act as your pet’s health advocate, interacting with referring doctors, interpreting results, advising you on options, and managing their overall care.

For your convenience and peace of mind surrounding advanced surgical care, we maintain in-house access to board-certified surgical expertise through our close association with Dr. Kathy Collins. Dr. Collins is one of the finest surgeons in Western NY and is particularly proficient in TPLOs for knee repair in large-breed dogs, amongst many other surgical procedures.

Additionally, we maintain close and collaborative relationships with Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service Rochester as well as the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Both institutions are celebrated for the highest standards of care and service.


We appreciate that surgery can be an anxious and worrisome experience for you and for your pet. We strive to ensure your pet’s interaction with us is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

To that end, we provide our clients with a clear understanding of the options to surgery, why a procedure may be necessary, what the procedure entails, and most importantly, what the proper post-operative care will be for the swiftest possible recovery.

Our highly trained veterinarians and certified technicians deliver the highest quality of surgical care for your pet. When surgery is required, we offer you convenient access to routine procedures, such as spay/neuter, tumor removal, laceration and wound repair, to more complex procedures such as splenectomies and orthopedic repairs.

C5b-anesthesia monitoringBeyond routine procedures, we offer in-house access to board-certified surgeries through our close association with Dr. Kathy Collins for you convenience and peace of mind. Amongst many other skills, Dr. Collins is an expert in TPLOs for knee repairs in large-breed dogs

We also offer hospitalization for surgical as well as medical patients, which includes the following:

  • Daily physical examination with a doctor
  • Daily treatments as needed
  • Daily walks outside with a veterinary technician or kennel attendant
  • Daily feedings appropriate for the post-surgical care of your pet
  • Daily cage cleaning and disinfecting
  • And of course, LOTS of TLC throughout the day.

Pain Management

The Animal Clinic of East Avenue also believes that identifying and relieving pain is essential to a swift recovery. Therefore, pain management is an important aspect of our intra- and post-surgical protocols. At discharge, we may also send additional pain management medication home with you after providing a thorough explanation of its proper use and dosage.

Anesthesia & Monitoring

Anesthesia and cardiovascular monitoring are integral aspects of every surgery we perform. For this reason, we provide your pet with the best and most

Wellness Exams

Most of us are very tuned in to the physical and emotional well being of our pets. But because your pet may be unable to communicate new pains, discomforts, pains or health changes, we recommend regular examinations as a cornerstone to your pet’s wellbeing and health management. Routine exams provide you and your veterinarian with an ongoing record of your pet's overall health. These are the best opportunity to identify and treat medical issues early, before they become more serious health challenges. We consider routine exams the best forum to facilitate open client communication. We provision sufficient time in these appointments to update any necessary vaccines, fully explain any health issues, identify options for treatment and afford you time to ask your veterinarian important questions about your pet's health, behavior and daily care.


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