Policy Change

Effective July 5th, 2021:

With our time in demand now more than ever and scheduling becoming increasingly difficult, we have made changes to our policies in regards to missed appointments in an effort to best serve our clients and patients.

Our time is valuable and we do our best to set aside resources to fully evaluate each patient and discuss their needs with owners. When a patient fails to come in, our valuable resources remain idle. We would appreciate notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. This will allow us to help another pet and family in need of veterinary care.

Effective July 5th, if an appointment is missed without notification we will require a $50 charge be added to your account when rescheduling that appointment. This $50 can be used at your subsequent appointment. If the second appointment is missed, this $50 charge will be non-refundable. If you call in advance to reschedule or cancel an appointment, no fee will be added to your account.

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions on this, or our recent prescription policy change, please give our office a call.

Prescription Faxing and Requests

Effective July 1st, 2021:

Due to their regulations and procedures, we are no longer able to fax prescriptions to third-party online pharmacies (Chewy, 1800PetMeds, Allivet, etc). We will still fax or call in prescriptions to our trusted local pharmacies (Wegmans, CVS, Walmart, etc). Please also consider our online pharmacy, Covetrus, for your prescription needs when you wish to have items shipped directly to your address.

We would be happy to print out a written prescription for you if you would prefer, as well. You can bring these written prescriptions to a local pharmacy or mail them to online pharmacies, depending on your preference.

Prescriptions filled within our hospital have not changed, simply call ahead to ensure that we have enough time to accommodate your request(s).

We are sorry for an inconvenience this may cause, but appreciate your understanding in this matter.