The extensive training and experience of our doctors means that we are able to manage a wide range of complex cases and provide care through a number of veterinary treatments.

However, some complex cases may require expertise, testing and/or equipment which is beyond our in-house capabilities. In these cases, we gladly act as your pet’s health advocate, interacting with referring doctors, interpreting results, advising you on options, and managing their overall care.

For your convenience and peace of mind surrounding advanced surgical care, we maintain in-house access to board-certified surgical expertise through our close association with Dr. Kathy Collins. Dr. Collins is one of the finest surgeons in Western NY and is particularly proficient in TPLOs for knee repair in large-breed dogs, amongst many other surgical procedures.

Additionally, we maintain close and collaborative relationships with Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service Rochester as well as the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Both institutions are celebrated for the highest standards of care and service.

For more questions about our services, please contact us today.